Fresh Cider

Apple Wedge Cider was established in 1995. We produce cider from August to mid-March. Look for our logo on cider in your local grocery stores. You will find our cider in gallons and 1/2 gallon jugs. We bottle thousands of gallons per week that we sell to large grocers and local farm markets.

It comes straight from the tree to fit perfectly in your hand. Coincidence?

Our Cider Blend

One bushel of apples makes approximately 3 gallons of cider. We use multiple varieties of apples to create a well-rounded flavor in our cider blend.

Because of our finely tuned harvesting practices, we consistently produce the freshest, flavorful cider that our customers have enjoyed for years.

New Flavors

Keep an eye out for our cinnamon flavored blend and new flavors coming soon!

At Apple Wedge sustainability is our priority. We actively work to reduce our food waste footprint. A bi-product called pomace is produced in the process of making our cider. This is nothing but the remains of our apples. Local cattle farmers use our pomace to supplement their cattle feed.

Cider Products:

  • Gallons
  • Half Gallons
  • Cider Blend (available in gallons and half gallons)
  • More flavors coming soon


In our production facility, we produce thousands of gallons of apple cider each year. Our apples and cider are shipped nationwide.


Apple Wedge has built a food safety and quality assurance program to continuously control potential hazards from farm to table.

Packing House

We strive for profitability through consistency and diversification of our products and commitment to our valued customers and long-term, loyal employees.

Did You Know?

Cider is the blend of the juices of several varieties of apples. It is pure juice with no water or sugar added. The fresh juice is filtered to remove large particles but very fine suspended particles of apples remain in the juice to give it its characteristic cloudy appearance and fresh flavor. Our cider requires refrigeration and will last 75 days with our flash pasteurization. Cider can be a year-round drink because it freezes so well.

Juice is more finely filtered than cider. It is treated to remove more of the pectin and other suspended apple particles and to slow down the oxidation which produces a clearer, lighter juice. It is pasteurized and vacuumed sealed in order to preserve juice and keep it from fermenting.