From just 30 acres in 1979 to a present-day acreage of 200 with more than 110,000 trees increasing in number each year, Apple Wedge Packers continues to renovate their high-density apple orchards, keeping an eye on production and labor efficiency. The varieties of apples grown at Apple Wedge are great for fresh eating or cooking!

It’s perfectly manufactured by a tree, its only energy cost is sunshine, it comes pre-wrapped, and it’s ridiculously good for you. Who wouldn’t want to sell a product like that?

A nod to the past and a glimpse into the future: Sustainability

Take a look at what we are doing in our orchards to preserve the integrity of farming. We own and continue to farm some of the first land planted in apple orchard in Henderson County. This is how we do it:

We use modern crop rotation to allow cutting edge scientific growing practices in order to deliver the best product to you.


In our production facility, we produce thousands of gallons of apple cider each year. Our apples and cider are shipped nationwide.


Apple Wedge has built a food safety and quality assurance program to continuously control potential hazards from farm to table.

Packing House

We strive for profitability through consistency and diversification of our products and commitment to our valued customers and long-term, loyal employees.

Walk Through the Field With Us

  • Winter Pruning
  • Soil Management
    – Precision Crop Management
    – Bud Counting
    – Bloom Counting
    – Bloom Thinning
    – Hand Thinning to Fruit Count
    IPM and Crop Protectants
  • Reflective Covering
  • Pre and Post Harvest Maturity Sampling
  • Windmills